Synopsis on the Pursuit of Happyness

There are so many great movies out there that have captured our attention and kept us entertained but I wanted to focus on a movie that is sad, happy, and very uplifting.  I think that this movie is a great example of how the producer used a celebrity to bring attention to this movie and tell a story.  It is a true story based on the life of Chris Gardner.  It starts off by showing how his life in San Francisco as a medical machine salesman, it was hard to make ends meet and it shows how it affected his family and his marriage.  He was married and had a five-year-old son named Christopher. His wife also was working two hard to make it work, she worked two jobs and it was still not enough.  She decided to leave the family because she could no longer cope with being broke and struggling.  Christopher stayed with his father Chris and they were evicted and had to live in the streets, he tried hard to make it work but he had no luck, sometimes they had to stay in shelters.  One of the parts that sticks out to me the most is when him and his son had to sleep in the train station bathroom.  He made it seem like it was a game in order to protect his son and told him it was a cave and they were hiding, it was a very powerful moment that the real Chris had to re-live as he saw the movie being made.  He uses this moment to push him to move forward and do something to make their lives better.  He does out to pursue his dreams, he brought his son along for the adventure.  He made it happen.  He landed a internship with a stock brokerage firm, not sure if he would actually get a job he trusted his faith and did the best that he could to prove himself and make his son proud.  He went through many obstacles, some funny, some sad but he kept moving, it is very emotional and motivational. 

Another part that stood out to me is when he got the job.  He was so overwhelmed to know that he would be able to provide for his son.  He no longer had to sleep in shelters, bus stations with his son.  I think that Will Smith was able to show the emotions that Chris was feeling and together with his son Jaden Smith they did an awesome job in showing their life before he was rich and successful. He has now written a book and travels all over the world and has many foundations.  This is a very inspirational story of how anyone can reach their dreams if they are willing to not quit.  I love to watch this over and over again!

Metal Assignment Inspiration

My dad is a mechanic, carpenter and handyman for everything so he has a lot of tools, but can tools look cool when we photograph them??  I found this photographer (Clint Blowers) very interested and kind of silly.  This is my inspirations for my metal shots!


Metal Assignment

Our last assignment is going to be to shoot metal! I am excited that this is not going to be a  4 X 5 project but a digital one.  My ideas are mostly tools, i think they can photograph beautifully.

Here are my sketches for this week’s assignment.

Glass Assignment


This Week we are shooting glass, it amazing to see all the cool things that we can do with glass, even though it is not too easy to photograph our teacher has taught us awesome ways to make ways to make glass look amazing.  I cant wait to see if my ideas work as well as they did when i thoght them out lol. Wish me luck!

Technical Information for Texture Assignment

For my texture assignment I chose to do a baseball glove and a baseball. I thought I would make it dark so the texture of both the ball and the glove would come out kind of mysterious and dark. I lit the glove from the side to give it a dramatic look and use a reflector to get some light on the other side and fill in some of the dead spots.  My normal actually came out really dark so I had to use my under but I am pretty happy with the results.  here is a diagram of how I lit the glove.


Bellows- 12

F 22 was what I was getting but I wanted to shoot at F8 so I had to adjust the light and 2 stops to get it to where I wanted it.



Tim Hawley Conceptual FoundFolios is my inspiration for the black on black headphones

Tim Hawley Conceptual FoundFolios.

I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to photograph and actually saw this picture as I browsed through so many and got the idea from Tim Hawley. He has such a great imagination! I try to think of where he would light the things that he shoots to make them look like separate things when its the same color of texture. I loved his work. I actually love this site. It gives me a lot of ideas.


This week we had to shoot our black on black assignment, I chose to do black headphones on a black background.  My parter and myself had so much fun composing the shots and playing with the lights.  We finally had what we thought would be an awesome shot.  We got a little distracted and actually shot with the same film.  We double exposed and I have to say it turned out super cool.  We can clearly see the image of her buttons and my headphones, both looked properly exposed and awesome but of course we had to reshoot.

For our reshoot we were confident we can get another good shoot (this time on our own film). We did the reshoot and were excited to see the results only to find out that the film was not properly exposed so all our shots are kinda purple  reddish color, to tell you the truth, the double exposed ones look way better.  

We might have to reshoot but this time we pray everything turns out awesome lol. Third time is a charm!

Pictures will be posted soon of the double exposed and the reddish tint ones.